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I have an "older" car so I replaced the outmoded audio system with the Kenwood DNN990HD, which is an android based (really dumbed down) interface, with wi-fi and just about every conceivable input option, and which looks great, sounds great, and probably has so many features that a lot of not so technical types (non-hobbyists) get very frustrated with it, as you can tell from the reviews on Amazon and elsewhere. However, I have been doing fine with it for the last few weeks but be aware:

This thing will lock up/freeze and blast you deaf.

Last night I was driving on a busy tollway with little to no shoulder, at high speeds when my wife changed the album we were listening to from a thumb-drive. It came on very loud, so I tried to lower the volume. The unit didn't respond to lowering the volume at first, then after several seconds it started lowering, ultimately becoming inaudible. So I tried to turn it up, and it didn't respond for several seconds. Then it suddenly started getting loud all by itself (obviously responding to prior attempts to raise the volume without effect). So loud it was painful.
And none of the buttons would respond.
The unit is pretty new to me, so I don't have all the features memorized and the buttons are so small it is certainly hard to get to the right one in a panic. So, in significant ear pain, and fear of destroying all the speakers
, I pulled to the right lane, put it in neutral and cut the key off while still at high speed to 1) stop that pain (and power off the unit) and 2) maintain speed to prevent being rear ended at night. Then, it being a Mercedes, when I restarted the engine as I was coasting, the transmission wouldn't re-engage until I came to a near stop (probably trying to protect itself).

I'm typically a pretty competent and calm old guy, but this was a scary situation, and obviously potentially quite dangerous. So be alert. People who are used to the latest smart phones with little to no lag, can apparently freeze this unit up with too many commands. And the danger is, that it doesn't stop the music when it is frozen. And 600 watts r.m.s. can hurt.
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