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Hi everyone!

I have a problem with my kenwood dnx 7260bt and im out of options what to do.... really need your help guys..

I did all updates on my kenwood, bluetooth, firmware itself, and navigation, after that i put new maps 2012.40 via USB and everything was working fine until one day...

Almost forgot to mention, i ringed garmin and they gave me that 25 digit code to activate traffic i think its TMC or something like that.

When you turn unit on and press NAV button it says loading maps after that it changes to some disclaimer info then blinks and starts all over again, loading maps, disclaimer and blinks again. The garmin itself dont wanna turn on, apart this everything works as it should. Music, videos, rear camera, tel and etc... Except that stupid sat nav!

Tryed updating software again, dont work, tryed USB again, looses connection after 5 seconds.

I pulled out unit, opened it and tryed to have a look inside, touched connections to make sure all of them in, after that put it back in and sat nav tryed to load itself, it was showing aquerring sattelites the white screen came on where you need to press AGREE, but thats it, it stuck on that one. Then did RESET and same story again, loading maps disclaimer and blinks...

I ringed kenwood and they said NAV board probably faulty. But i dont really believe it because ive seen it came on for a bit, i think it something to do with software. But how can i reinstall when garmin doesnt load?

Tryed to put maps on SD still no joy..

Maybe someone experienced something similar? Or can give me some advice on it? Would be appreciated. Thank you!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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