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Kenwood dnx7120 help!

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Hi everyone!

Im new to this site and I need some help please.

I just installed a dnx7120 and I need to mute the nav voice so that it doesnt interfere with the music that I am playing.

I tried setting the nav to "speak key only" but she still talks and it lowers my music volume in a weird way.

How do I completely stop the voice from talking at all??

Also, I read somewhere the SD card slot is hidden and you need to hold eject down for a couple seconds and it will lower the screen a lil more to get to it.

Ive tried that but it just seems like the stereo is just trying to eject a cd thats not in there and the screen does not lower.

How come?

Oh and I also read about customizing the screen to your image.

Do I still need to get kenwood to download me the convert file in order for it to stay because I got the screen to show the image except it wont stay after I power the unit off then on again.

please please help if you can it would be greatly appreciated.

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I will try to answer a few of your questions without going to my manual BUT FIRST..I do want to say that the DNX7120 is the BIGGEST PPS that I have every owned. Now I wish I had not got rid of my PIONEER. I went with the Kenwood for the Gamin Software (Gamin is still good) it's the KW end that sucks.

Now on to the point.

The only why I have found (through process of elimination) is while the voice is speaking you turn the volume down and then this will not effect the other audio, just the GPS voice

SD slot.....gently push and hold the fold down button and hold while the door rides all the way down and you will see the SD card slot.

PS... I have had my Kenwood for 1.5 yrs and I just tried upgrading the software yesterday...WITH NO AVAIL...I put the SD card in and NOTHING...what I POS

You have a choice of about 4 backgrounds....you have to g o into the setup and choose

But most of all....read the darn manual, that's why they have them. Or do like I do and sit in front of it for hours and work out the situation


As soon as I find another manufacture that uses Garmin GPS software... I will be giving this POS away. Who wants it? The Blue-tooth sucks and the Sirius never prints out what song or artist. I have to force feed it
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Im sorry to hear about your hate towards the kenwood unit but knock on wood, mine is running very smooth.

I actually figured out how to eliminate the gps voice in the settings so im good with that.

But I still need to figure out how to keep my custom picture to stay on the screen.

Not the 4 options that you were talkin about.

I was referring to the upload splash screen.
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