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Kenwood DV-5900M Availability:

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Still looking for one.... I've seen scattered reports in a previous thread or people getting them....

maybe this thread can serve availability posts...
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They generally are available, but you won't likely find them on the net anywhere. Kenwood has a strict no internet policy for the new Soveirgn line. They are limiting sales to local retailers. Expect to pay full retail at your local dealer. :( This is an old method of thinking in my opinion and I wish these companies would change their thinking.

They are available from crutchfield.com, however they are not discounted.
dealer, bleh.... I put in my zip code... no dealer within 250 miles..... not like I'm not near a major city or anything.... im in south florida!

I got the 5700, not the 5900. I called Kenwood who put me in touch with a regional rep who told me which dealers were going to take the units. There was only 1 dealer within an hour of me and it still isn't listed on the web site. Call Kenwood. I am happy with the 5700 so far.

Good luck,

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