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Hello all,
I'm looking for some help and guidance with this amp I picked up recently. It does work but I'm getting distortion from the right channel. Both speakers a and b have distortion in the same right channel. The more I raise the volume to worse it gets. The left channel sounds great.
I have done some reading on the net about the issue being some transistors or capacitors that have gone bad. Some mentioned replacing them and that is where I could use some help. If any one has experience in this area of making such repairs to these amps or have done work on this exact amp I would really appreciate some help in getting this amp sounding great again. I prefer to get something old working again and do have some experience in soldering. I'm also quite mechanically inclined. I need help troubleshooting and isolating the components that are bad.
Does anyone know of a source where I can buy these needed components for this amp?
Thank you in advance for any help.

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