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Hey everybody. I got me a bit of a stumper today. I have had my Kenwood vr-505 for about 10 years and today learned something that made me feel incredibly stupid. This led me to my problem.

I had taken the top off because the Video 1 input was shoddy and the CD/DVD input has never worked. I have many skills, radio repair not being one of them. I loosened the inputs from the back of the unit and quickly realized that if something was wrong, I would have no idea how to fix it anyway. After putting it together and researching, I realized that the reason the CD/DVD wasn't working for the last 10 years was because it was set to digital input and I was using analog. One button push and problem is solved.

NOW though... I turn the unit on and at -99db, the speakers are loud and metallic (sounds like the music is coming from inside a trash can). If I turn it down more to "oo", the volume cuts out. If I turn it up, there is an improvement in the quality of the sound up until about -60db then it starts to get waaaaaay too loud. I can no longer listen to the receiver on any input at a reasonable level.

Does anyone know what I might have done to make this happen? Is there a fix?

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