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I have a Kenwood VR-309 receiver that has worked well for me.

I just recently changed my TV to a Panasonic TC-P50S1 and a new Panasonic BD60 blu-ray player.

I have Definitive technology speakers, 2 fronts, 2 rears , a center, and a Supercube III subwoofer.

I noticed recently that I wasn't getting any sound from the subwoofer.

I have it connected to the Kenwood with an audio cable the the LFE input.

It always worked in the past.

I went back into the Kenwood setup and the graphic on the front of the receiver shows all my speakers, including the LFE.

Yet when I do a test of the individual speakers I get no sound from the subwoofer.

Also, the red light on the back of the Supercube turns on when I turn on the receiver so it is sensing something. Yet the light never turns green, don't remember if it did before.

Any ideas?

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