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Kenwood VR-517 Remote fix (thks ChinaDog)

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I have a VR-517 receiver that I had bought used. The remote worked intermittently then stopped working altogether, but then so did the other remote I had programmed for this unit. The problem must be in the receiver and I resetting the microprocessor didn't help.

A Google search led me to the AVS archives where THIS link led me to the solution. Although it was intended for a different model receiver, the info and even the photo of the trouble spot matched perfectly.

This posting is to thank ChinaDog and the others for sharing their information and AVS for making the archives available to the search engines - fulfilling, IMO, the true spirit if the Internet.

My receiver has also has another quirk (feature) that drove me bananas. Due to a lack of S-video cables (ducks thrown vegetables) I had to mix RCA and S-video inputs. What I didn't know was that the receiver does not convert RCA video inputs to play out of the s-video output connected to my display. RCA IN's have to be watched via the RCA out. This behavior may apply to other HT receivers and amps.

So, if this post makes it into the archives, maybe it will help another clueless schmuck such as I to resolve their difficulty.

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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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