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What a friend of mine calls my setup:

Lexicon MC-8 Digital Controller

Pioneer Elite DV-59AVi CD/SACD/DVD-V/DVD-A player

Proceed BPA 2 amplifier (front L & R)

Proceed AMP 5 amplifier (center, surrounds, rears)

Mirage OM-7 speakers (mains)

Mirage OM-C2 speaker (center)

Mirage Omni 60 speakers (surrounds & rears)

SVS PB12-Ultra/2 subwoofer

Behringer DSP-1124 digital parametric eq

Nakamichi ST-7 AM/FM Stereo Tuner

Nakamichi CR-7A cassette deck

HHB CDR-830 Professional Compact Disc Recorder

Tascam DA-40 Digital Audio Tape deck

> Sony PSX-600 turntable

> Creek OBH-8SE phono pre-amp

> Shure V15 type VxMR cartridge

Quasar VCR

Toshiba Cinema Series 32HFX72 FST-Pureflat HDTV CRT TV

+ Equitech 2Q balanced power AC unit

+ Dedicated 20A circuit to the HT room

+ Hospital grade 20A outlet

- Canare Star Quad speaker wire

- Belden "Beldfoil" shielded 14 gauge conductor (15A/1875 watts rated) SJT power cords

- Analog audio (Belden 1505F), digital coax (1694A), and component video cables (1694A) by Blue Jeans Cable

o Avia

o Chesky Ultimate DVD-A/DVD-V 5.1 Set-Up Disc

o DMP Multichannel Reference SACD

= Radio Shack Analog Sound Level Meter

= ETF5 PC based acoustic measurement software

= Autosound 2000 #101 Test CD

= Stryke Vol. 1 Test CD

= Slik U2000 Tripod
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