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What a friend of mine calls my setup: ;)

Lexicon MC-8 Digital Controller

Pioneer Elite DV-47ai CD/SACD/DVD-V/DVD-A player

Proceed BPA 2 (front L & R)

Proceed AMP 5 (center, surrounds, rears)

Mirage OM-7's (mains)

Mirage OM-C2 (center)

Mirage Omni 60's (surrounds & rears)

Vandersteen V2W subwoofer

Behringer DSP-1124 digital parametric eq

Nakamichi ST-7 AM/FM Stereo Tuner

Nakamichi CR-7A cassette deck

HHB CDR-830 Professional Compact Disc Recorder

Tascam DA-40 Digital Audio Tape deck

Sony PSX-600 turntable

Creek OBH-8SE phono pre-amp

Shure V15 type VxMR cartridge

Quasar VCR

Toshiba Cinema Series 32HFX72 FST-Pureflat HDTV CRT TV

Equitech 2Q balanced power AC unit

Dedicated 20A circuit to the HT room, hospital grade outlet

Canare Star Quad speaker wire

Belden "Beldfoil" shielded 14 gauge conductor (15A/1875 watts rated) SJT power cords

Analog audio (Belden 1505F), digital coax (1694A), and component video cables (1694A) by Blue Jeans Cable

Avia, Chesky Ultimate DVD-A/DVD-V 5.1 Set-Up Disc, Radio Shack Analog Sound Level Meter, Slik U2000 Tripod, ETF5 PC based acoustic measurement software, Autosound 2000 #101 Test CD, Stryke Vol. 1 Test CD.
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