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I recently purchased a key Digital transcoder to go with my Sony VPL-W400Q and Radeon HTPC. I was previously using a RCA transcoder and was experiencing some smearing and bleeding with text and icons. My thinking was that this Key Digital would solve or reduce these issues. No such luck! I am having problems with this new Key Digital. I am getting a intermittent flashing of a black bar about 15 pixels wide on the top of the screen, across the entire screen. I am also seeing a shimmering to text and icons that I beleive was not there before with the RCA transcoder. It looks like pixels are changing rapidly in brightness around icons and text. If I inspect the screen closely it almost looks like the top 1/4 of the screen is bending slightly to the right. I purchased this unit from copper box and they have already swapped it out once for me to no avail. I talked to them again today and they are graciously exchanging it for the Audio Authority transcoder. I have tried different cables, swapping video cards, and playing with timings in powerstrip. Has anyone had any experience like this with a transcoder? I am at a loss!


Sony W400Q

abit bm6

celeron 533a @ 800

Radeon LE

SBlive Value

Key Digital Trancoder

300w AMD approved Power Supply

Link Sys 10/100 card

Running Powerstrip at 960 x 540

7045 drivers?






Boycott JVC!

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