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Anyone ever used Kicker solo barics in a home theater application?

I've had great luck with them in car audio, and just considering how they would perform in a home.

Even with only two 8" L5's in a ported box, they would read 136db spl in a truck.. Since then I've had a pair of 10 inch L7s, and a single 15" L7 for a short time.. lol. imo they are very impressive woofers for the price, the only thing that has really stood out to me more than solo barics is JL's W6 and W7 woofers.

I was looking through a parts express magazine, and I feel like I could build one using a standard plate type subwoofer amp, maybe with the sub being down firing ..

any input? ?

Currently i'm running two cheap sony SA W3800 15" woofers, but they take up as much room as a couch. They sound good, but I'm always looking for improvement! I like the idea of having something I "built" too..

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