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Hi Folks

I want to buy the classic Hemingway story "the snows of kilimanjaro" on DVD,the

movie with Gregory Peck and Ava Gardner.Unfortunately i'm at a loss because i see there are no fewer than 8(!!!!!!)DVD different studio versions,of this movie.

I cant understand why is this.

Here's the list of the versions i find

1)United american Global Video Released june6,2001 $6.99

2)Global Media corporation released 2004

3)Koch Video released April23,2002 $9.98

4)Digiviews released 2004

5)Ventura Distribution released Dec7,1999

6)Madacy entertainment relesed mar9,2000 $7.98

7)Westlake entertainment released Nov28,2003 $14,20

8)Goodtimes video released Mar1,2001 $4.95

This is really confusing.And they are all small studios not the well known majors.

If anybody has anyone of these or if you know which one has the most decent picture,please let me know.Thanks.
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