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Kitchen Pantry Hides A/V Rack

Arlen Schweiger
It wasn't the most ideal solution, but this custom electronics pro and homeowner were willing to put the gear alongside the Pringles.

Cookies, chips and crackers aren't the only goodies you'll find inside this kitchen pantry.

There are also a lot of black boxes and blinking lights, as it's been stuffed with a rack of sophisticated audio and video equipment that distributes music and video throughout the house. Sure, a rack like this might eat up some of the space you've saved for double-stuffed Oreos, but it'll also give you a feast of music and video.

The kitchen pantry rates right up there as the last place you'd ever put your amps, receivers and other gear, but in this case, it was about the only option, according to Brian Amideo, owner of Audio Video Rescue, Mesa, Ariz.

A closet he had hoped to use measured only 15 inches deep, So guess what? None of this stuff will would fit, Amideo recalls.

We brainstormed to get the top shelf of the [adjacent] pantry, figuring that would get it done. It's never what we wanted to do to begin with, but it was more a matter of having stuff done at the time and leaving him with a working system, or rescheduling the project.

The understanding homeowner basically told him to go for it. So Amideo stuffed two A/V receivers, two DVD players and two satellite boxes onto that top shelf, along with two Panamax strip-style surge protectors and multiswitch for the sat boxes.

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