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Klipsch Cs-500

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I am looking for a good 2.1 system for my family room. I was looking at the bose 321 but a friend told me to check out the Klipsch CS-500. I was wondering if any body has had a chance to listen to this system. I would like to keep the system to under $1000.00 and I do not want a full system. I already have a nice 7.1 system in my basement. Plus the wife doesn't want big speakers in the family room. Any help would be great.
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I had an almost insolvable room. I was going to have to cantileaver the plasma, put in speakers but the geometry was a killer in the room. I was looking at over 5000 in builds and installs when my wife heard the cs500. I listened to the whole extended Lord of the Rings and it sounded great. The explosion in the two towers was excellent as was the fight on the plains.
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