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Klipsch F-2's and C-2, any good?

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These are sold at Best Buy and appear to be what I am after with respect to driver size. So far I have been unable to demo them sufficiently so I thought I would check in here and see what others think. I am comparing them to Axiom Audio's M60ti fronts and VP100 center. The Axiom's are higher priced but I wouldn't mind saving some money if folks here are pleased with these Klipsch units. I believe they are part of the Synergy series.

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If you are willing to look at the M60tis then you need to look at the RF-35s by Klipsch. Do not bother with the Synergy line. You really cannot compare the Synergy to the M60s. Its like grapefruit to caviar.

If you are looking to spend less money and you want to stick with the klipsch brand then check out the RF15s or RF25s as well. Then to tease yourself, listen to the RF7s. ;)
I dunno man...I just picked up the full Synergy F3 package. I couldn't be more satisfied. It's killer. And for just under $2K, I never thought I would get that much bang for my buck.
the sysnergy series is the entry level the F-2 are in the middle a good setup for the money but if you are willing to spend a little more I would definately check out the reference line RF 25 or The RF 35 HT system($1400-1800)..


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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