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I just purchased the Klipsch F30 speakers and I' am using the Denon AVR-2307CI to power then, My next purchase will be to add the center speaker and from some great advice on here may go with the  RF-82 instead of the C-20 some have reported the C-20 can not keep up with the F-30's. My question is do I need to make any changes in my receiver because I 'am only running a left and right speaker right   now with no SUB or center channel.


Added info, 70 % watching TV and Movies, 20% PS3  (COD), 10% Music, I have noticed when I really let these speakers rip they are extremely loud and yes I find the highs almost over powering to my ears but for most of my listing when watching movies and playing the PS3 the sound is amazing. Can I some how cut the highs a little when I crank it up ?


Any advice on my set up I thank you in advance
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