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Klipsch KSW-12 vs Velodyne VX-10

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I paid $170 for Velodyne VX-10. My friend paid $240 for Klipsch Synergy-12. He thinks Klipsch is far better than Velodyne. What do you audiophiles think?
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Since there isn't any professional data on these two subs it's hard to gage. I imagine the Klipsch has a slight advantage since it has a larger driver, but the power output is about the same. They both weigh in at 35 LBS despite the Velo's slightly smaller standard mdf cabinet. I can only assume that the Velo's driver is a bit more robust. Why not compare them in the same listening environment to see how they compete? I do suggest you follow my VRP set up procedures on the Velo first.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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