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Klipsch Quintet vs. Polk RM6800 Vs. Aperion 422

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So I've read a few threads on the forum as well as some Cnet reviews, and I've (sortof) narrowed my system choices down to the Klipsch quintet 3, polk RM6800, or Aperion Intimus 422. Cnet gave all of them pretty much the same score, and they're all in about the same price range.

so my question is: is there any clear favorite among the 3?

I'm suspicious of the quintets because of their small size and that being a "name brand" a fair amount of your money goes toward having that name

The Aperions seem awesome, but my girlfriend (who of course wants speakers that "look cool") would prefer the klipschs or the polks

Cnet said that the Polks and the Aperions were just about equal, but I would also like to see what others might think

so, are the klipsches a match for either system? and are the polks a match for the Aperions?

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I went to my local Circuit City yesterday wanting to listen to RM6800. Instead, they have RM6880, which seems to be a newer model. I will have to go back today to listen some more. I am also struggling between Aperion 422 and the Polks. How would HTD Level II compare to these?
I recently purchased a set of the quintet II's and KSW10 in a package deal for just under $500 new from an authorized retailer over the web- clearance deals are awesome. The change from quint II to 3's is essentially cosmetic (change the looks and sales jump) and I think the II's look great. I'm running the center and sats at a true 110W each and in my living room ( 17' x 20' )- they're outstanding. Don't be scared of the small size - they're efficient and noone told ever them they're small. I don't mind paying for a name - it means I can depend on the product to be supported later because they've stood the test of time. If I want to upgrade to 7.1 later - it won't be difficult to match timbre. Get the Klipsch's - Just shop smart and save a couple of hundred bucks.
Thanks alot for the info, I have to admit I never thought about getting a set of the quintet II's for a discounted price but that is an awesome idea!

I'm still unsure about the klipsch's because Amazon has a set of the Polk 6800's for 500 bucks and my girlfriend (the real decision maker) thinks they look better than the Klipsch's

anyone else have an opinion??
Polks tend to be great for classical music traditionally, but tend to be weak on the bottom octaves. Are you able to get the Polks with sub for $500? If not, plan on another $300 minimum for a solid sub. If you shop well for the Quint II's with KSW10 in a package deal - you can buy the whole shebang for approx. $500 plus shipping. - and buy the girlfriend something nice for Valentines day with the remainder. Just be careful that you're buying from an authorized retailer to maintain your warranty. Trust me - put a Soundstage concert on Rave, switch to Pro Logic Music, crank the volume and watch her smile setting 5th row center and asthetics will become a non-issue. Anyway - the speakers look far from being uncool.
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Funny...I was in the same boat as you. My wife wouldn't let me get the tower speakers I wanted and instead wanted me to get the "cute little bose cube things". I searched for the smallest footprint I could find and came up with the Qunitet 3's. Best Buy had them along with the Synergy 10" sub on sale for half price the day after Thanksgiving so I jumped on the deal!

For $500, the system is awesome! If the quintet 2's are basically the same and you can get them for that price then I'd say jump on it.
Take a look under Froogle for Klipsch Quintet. There was a link to a retailer on ebay selling the system with KSW10 included from an authorized retailer. Evidently I haven't made enough posts to attach a link. The system is brand new with full mfg 5 year warranty for $598 - no sales tax or shipping.
I'd suggest the Aperion's if you have a good receiver/amp, cause they'll want some juice. OTOH if you're looking for the best deal, the Quintet II can be had from Amazon for $299.
Not to make the decision any more difficult, but any thoughts on how the Athena Micra 6 speakers compare to the above mentioned?
Well thanks for all the input guys, but I actually think I found the system I want.

I found out that the CHT front row system by Velodyne is on sale for $199 and with a Velodyne VRP1000 sub and an approx $300 reciever its around $700-800.

I assume it will sound as good or better than either the klipsches or polks but does anyone know first hand?
I love my klipsch But you buy what sounds good to you.
Tristan - Velodyne is discontinuing making speakers other than subs. I'm sure they will support them, but if they were outstanding - the market would have supported them. You can find the QII system with sub for $598 from accousticsounddesign with free shipping and they are authorized retailers. Pair them with a Yamaha 5.1 550W reciever from Best Buy and you have a great system for $775 that will shake the walls of a moderate sized theater room.
I'm demoing the Aperion 422 Cs in my home right now as L/C/R for both music and movies. considering that I got them for $240, shipped as open box speakers, these were a deal and a half! I also have a pair of Polk R15s and they simply blow them away, especially when it comes to build quality and finish. Soundstage is great, but the tweeters throw-out a little sibilance with certain vocals, both female and male. I've tried eq-ing this out, but that tends to make them a tad muddy (I'm using a Yamha RX-v2600). When I'm not sitting in the sweet spot, picking them apart, they're actually quite nice to listen to. I do audio post for a living and some recording, so when a vocal does hiss a little, I notice it. Most of my friends can't. The Aperion 422 C looks and sounds like a speaker that is MUCH more expensive. I'm thinking that I'm going to keep these to use for a secondary system, because they are such a great combination of sound and build.
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