Cables are a real pain, especially if you try to put together a surround sound system in your living room. WiSA looks to solve this problem by providing a wireless solution that is low latency, high resolution, and reliable. The technology has been around for some years, but this is the first year it is supported by a major TV manufacturer: LG. The other thing that held WiSA back was the cost of available systems, but now Klipsch has a Reference Wireless speaker series that creates a more affordable way to get into WiSA.

The new Klipsch Wireless Reference WiSA speaker lineup is for home theater fans seeking high fidelity wireless surround sound. This system works "WiSA Ready TVs, gaming systems and computers" according to Klipsch.

"The Klipsch Reference Wireless line includes RW-51M monitors ($699 per pair), a RW-34C center channel speaker ($499 each), and a RW-100SW wireless subwoofer ($599 each). The speakers can be configured in a number of ways — from a two-channel set-up to a 7.1 surround sound system. The system automatically recognizes and connects new wireless speakers as they are added." - Klipsch press release

Photo provided by Klipsch
The speakers in the Klipsch reference wireless series utilize the 90°x90° Tractrix horn on a titanium tweeter assembly that is instantly recognizable as Klipsch. this series will be sold through as well as Magnolia home theater stores. It will also be available through other regional authorized retailers. Pricing for the new products is $699/pair for the RW-51M monitors, $499 for the RW-34C center channel and $599 for the RW-100SW wireless subwoofer. Therefore, the cost of a full 7.1 surround system is $2496.

"The Klipsch Reference Wireless speakers received critical acclaim when they were introduced at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, winning Best of CES 2019 Awards from Digital Trends, AVS Forum and Hi-Def Digest."