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I am selling my LCR Klipsch speakers. The RC-64II was purchased in November of 2011 and the RF-7II’s were purchased in May of 2012.

All three speakers are in great shape and have been in a smoke free home.

Due to the size of these speakers and cost to do so, shipping isn’t an option. I live in East Tennessee, but would be willing to deliver the speakers within a 3 hour radius or work out some sort of delivery compensation for longer distances.

Ideally, I would like these to be sold as a set. If I can find a buyer for the RF-7’s and a buyer for the RC-64, I will break them up but only if I have a sale for both.

Price for the RF-7’s: $900.00 each

Price for the RC-64II: $600.00

Price for all three: $2000.00

Please PM with any questions.
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