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Klipsch RF-82 and RBH WM-30 Help

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I am no audiophile. I want some quality speakers for 70% movies and 30% music. Not set on a floor versus bookshelf versus wall mount. Want to go with the best quality for the money. Just got my Pioneer Elite plasma up on the wall and am starting to put together my theatre setup. Planning on getting a Pioneer 1018 receiver but wanted to start with speakers first. I was looking at the RBH WM-30 speakers for the front 3, they seem to have great reviews. I was at Best Buy today and they have a pair of Klipsch RF-82's on the floor for $500 for both. The room is about 17x21 with a 15 foot cathedral ceiling. Like some input on those two options. Thanks.
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Best Buy also had a set of S2, B2 and B3 speakers that I assume might work well for surround speakers. They were on clearance for S2-$315 each, B2-$180 each, B-3-$150 each. Thoughts and suggestions are appreciated.
That's a decent size room to fill up. I'm not sure if the book shelf speakers will do the job. The RF-82's or F'3 will though.
Been doing tons of reading and see the Usher S-520 get great reviews. Like some feedback on these as a third option.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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