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So, NFM has a doorbuster sale (Dallas Grand Opening) on the Klipsch RF 82's right now - $500 for the pair.

Looking at a 7.1 setup, and will buy the sub separately.

I'm trying to decide if the options they have to pair with it in terms of center and surrounds make it worth getting these towers (I do like the klipsch sound).

Center options:
RP440 - $449
RP250 - $349

Surround options:
R14s - $249 pair
R15m - $249 pair
R14m - $179 pair
240s - $299 each
250s - $399 each

I was leaning
RF 82 x2 $500
RP440 c $450
R14s x2 - $250
R14m x2 - $180
total around $1480 with tax.

will these sound good together, and does it look like a decent deal?
Should I just go with the R14m for the sides and rears?

I am weighing against the SVS options...(i.e., roughly a $1500-$2000 budget for all 8 speakers)

sub will be purchased separately.

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So...after doing more research, I'm leaning towards this:

Purchasing the RF-82ii from NFM for $500 for the pair. Seems like a can't pass deal.
Then going Amazon for
RC-62ii $350
RS-41ii $140 for pair
RB-51ii $250 for pair.

Or skipping the RS-41ii and getting (4) RB-51ii.

Any thoughts on RS-41ii for the sides vs getting RB-51ii x4?
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