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klipsch rw-10 long time member

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Wow! I haven't posted here in a very long time. But is always the place I turn to when I have my audiophile needs lol. Anyway, I have an older LG 47" lcd 240hz from 2008. It's still going strong and I love it. I got divorced 3 years ago and had to sell my whole surround sound system. So I'm back now. But slowly getting there.

Anyway, the puny speakers on my LG sound like crap now, because of all the years of turning them up with music. Im pretty sure they are blown. Anyway, i decided to go small this time and try this new soundbar technology, but with separate subwoofer. So I purchased a Vizio sb4020ao soundbar for $60 and I found a pristine condition Klipsch rw-10 on ebay for $150.

My friend use to have an old rw-8 and it sounded damn amazing with movies and music. That thing never missed a beat! And it was only an 8" sub!

Anyone have an rw-10? How do you like it?

My bedroom is 11x19. No receiver will be used. Just the soundbar and sub. The soundbar has a sub out connection. I will hook up the sound bar with optical as far as bar to tv goes. I went this way to eliminate lots of cables and speakers. I'm not expecting superb sound. But it should be better than my stock blown LG speakers.
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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