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Hi - okay the rig is online and bada$$.

To assure it's being maximized I'm calling all audio geeks for help!

To what size should I set the RF-7 ii? Small or Large?

To what size should I set the RC-64? Small or Large?

If small for either one what hertz rate?

Hz for RF-7 ii fronts?

Hz for RC-64 ii?

Hz for Rythmik F15HP?


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For the receiver settings:


You should set every speaker to "small" that is not as capable with deep bass as the subwoofer.  In most cases, this means all channels should be set to "small."  The crossover for each channel should be above the -3 dB point of the bass of the speakers hooked up.  Thus, with a speaker rated 60-20kHz +/-3 dB, the crossover should be set above 60 Hz.  In such a case, 80 Hz would probably be a good choice.


With a receiver or processor that cannot set the crossover differently for the different channels, it should be set above the -3 dB of all of the speakers that are hooked up.



For the settings on the subwoofer itself:


If the receiver has a crossover (and all modern surround receivers do), you should bypass the crossover on the subwoofer if possible.  If not possible, then set it to its highest crossover setting.  The reason for this is because you are using the crossover in the receiver, and do not want the crossover in the subwoofer to interfere with the crossover slope.
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