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Klipsch SB1 or JBL E30s?

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Can someone share their opinion on which is the better bookshelf speaker? Which would work better with a Yamaha HTR-5560? I'm thinking primarily for HT use and not music.
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both speakers do a great job with home theater applications.....

they do however have a distinctive sound and i would suggest that you take your favorite music cd and audition both..... everyone's ears are different and you need to pick the speakers that you like best.....


Agreed, both will do well for HT. Let your ears decide.

However, if you ever plan on doing some music-only listening, then the JBLs would be a better chioce IMO. Unless all you want to do is crank Megadeath, then nevermind.
As others have commented, let your ears decide. Although not an ideal listening environment, both of these speakers are carried at BB so go there for a listen. Better yet, buy both and return the one you don't want.

My preference is the JBL as the Klipsch Synergy was too detailed for my ears.

Actually Onecall has the JBLs back at the prices they were going for about 2 months ago. A lot of the JBLs are out of stock though.
....My preference is the JBL as the Klipsch Synergy was too detailed for my ears.....
yeah.... you're right....

who in their right mind would want to hear all the details on the recording????

be sure to buy speakers that cover up some of those unnecessary details in those recordings.....

tubeguy, I know you're big on klipsch. :)

I just don't think those klipsch horns agree with my ears, but they appeal to many others here...so my advice was to take them both home and give them a listen:D
i have no problem with your jbl preference over klipsch....

but "too detailed" is almost like too much money or too many vacation days..... IMHO.....

klipsch speakers are very sensitive to the electronics in the signal path....

a poor receiver will make klipsch speakers sound very poor.... but better electronics can really make klipsch speakers sound very impressive......

and i also did recommend that the original poster listen fo rhimself..... :D


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