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selling my 4 month old Klipsch Speakers i recently had a house fire and lost everything so i went and re purchased home theater stuff only to find out that my house would not be rebuilt
until a far later point. well the home i live in is not very big and i have no room for all the stuff i have repurchased. after i bought my klipsch i realized i needed a speakers that would do 2 things 1 for home entertainment the other for live Karaoke singing so i went and bought JBL PRX speakers to cover my home theater and singing needs lol. so the pair of Klipsch RF-7II in ash black and the 2 center speakers i bought Klipsch rc-64II are just sitting in my spare room. so i decided to sell them since i repurchased the JBLS now i have no need for the Klipsch

asking 1800.00 for the pair RF-7II
and 1400 for the two centers RC-64II

looking for local pick up I live in WA State
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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