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Hello all, I'm new to the forum but have found plenty of comparisons, reviews and other useful information on here through google, so I figured I'd join and ask a question.

My media area is in a finished basement, I have a 65" Samsung TV that has a PS3, XBOX, WiiU, AT&T Uverse and an HTPC hooked up to it through my Onkyo TX-NR515 receiver.

My speaker set up is as follows:

Front (LR): Klipsch F-1 Synergy

Center: Klipsch C-1 Synergy

Rear: Klipsch S-1 Synergy

Sub: Klipsch SW--350 8-Inch 350 watt

I bought all the Klipsch components back in 2009 and really did not do much research into them when I did.

The reason I'm looking at possibly replacing the speakers for the system is due to space constraints. I'm wondering if I could replace the two front speakers with a nice pair of bookshelf speakers without sacrificing too much in the way of sound quality. My wife is wanting to replace the furniture that I currently have in the basement for the setup, and if I were to do that I'd lose the space that I currently have for my floor standing F-1s.

I've looked at various speakers, from Energy Take Classic, to Boston Acoustics, to ProCinema. If it's a simple "you will not have comparable sound quality with bookshelf vs floor standing" then that's an answer I can accept.

If there's a great 5.1 speaker system in a small form factor that I can buy as a set (or individual for that matter), I do have the ability to move the current system to another room. I'd just want the new speakers to be comparable/better in sound quality. The volume is not a huge factor, as I rarely push the system that much today.
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