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Here's my deal... we're moving and my wife will go back to school for another degree (career change). These two things means that I can't keep my Magnepan stereo and my HT, so the Magnepans are sold. I already have a very nice setup in Krell HTS7.1, plus Krell amplification, so I even in stereo, I'm not worried about the sound quality.

I will need new speakers for my HT, but for now, they also need to be decent for pure 2-ch as well. How's Klipsch THX Ultra2 for stereo? I know they kick some serious butt in HT...

Right now, my HT consists of custom built front L/R, a Linn Centrik center, and same speakers as the front L/R for surrounds. And yes, they are voiced to match the Linn (there's no gap in the panning L/C/R). My sub is an old, DefTech PowerField18 (can really pound in HT, but it's not very clean or tight, so forget it for 2-ch).
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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