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I am looking for some good speaker setup to go with my Harmon Kardon AVR-630 receiver (75w x 7). My listening area is 20x15 family room, carpeted with heavy furniture. After listening to some speakers at local Best Buy, here's what I have shortlisted so far:

1. Klipsch Quintet III ($299) + Subwoofer (undecided)

2. Klipsch Quintet SL ($399) + Subwoofer (undecided)

3. DefTech ProCinema 600 ($799) incl. Subwoofer

4. Mirage Nanosat 5.1 ($599) incl. Subwoofer

Both Quintet III and ProCinema 600 sound good to me. I put Quintet SL on the list since it's on sale at BB for only $100 more, but sounds too loud and boomy (at least in my family room). Not sure about Subwoofers with Klipsch, though I can go with Sub-10 or Sub-12.

My budget is about $800-$900 max. Any suggestions which one would be the best choice. I am not limited to only these brands; open to other choices.

Also, my receiver is 7.1 capable. Will 5.1 setup create any problem with 7.1 receiver. I am guessing not, but still would like to be sure.

Any input is greatly appreciated.
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