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In my recent experiments with various audio players, I noticed a significant improvement in sound quality by using winamp and the ASIO output plugin with a Delta 410 sound card and the WDM drivers on WinME. I compared winamp/ASIO with WMP and PowerDVD XP 4.0. Since the latter two used the windows kmixer, the sound wasn't nearly as good. Unfortunately, Media Jukebox 9.0 crashed on my system, so I wasn't able to test it with ASIO output.

I'd like to take advantage of PowerDVD's Dolby Prologic II decoder, however not at the cost of using the kmixer. In this thread http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...delta+and+asio , Richard Berg states the following:

There's no reason Winamp (or whatever) shouldn't be able to bypass Kmixer without resorting to the proprietary ASIO interface. Direct from the latest Windows DDK:

DirectSound streams that feed into hardware mixer pins bypass KMixer and avoid the latency of software mixing in KMixer. DirectSound will make use of all of an audio device's available hardware-accelerated mixer pins as long as those pins have a topology that conforms to the node ordering that DirectSound requires.
I ran graphedit and had a look at the list of audio renderers:
  • Default DirectSound Device
  • Default WaveOut Device
  • DirectSound MAudio Delta 410 1/2 (emulated)
  • DirectSound MAudio Delta 410 3/4 (emulated)
  • DirectSound MAudio Delta 410 5/6 (emulated)
  • DirectSound MAudio Delta 410 7/8 (emulated)
  • DirectSound MAudio Delta 410 Multichannel
  • DirectSound MAudio Delta 410 S/PDIF (emulated)
  • MAudio Delta 410 1/2
  • MAudio Delta 410 3/4
  • MAudio Delta 410 5/6
  • MAudio Delta 410 7/8
  • MAudio Delta 410 Multichannel
  • MAudio Delta 410 S/PDIF

So, would I be able to build a ZoomPlayer filter graph for playing two-channel music CDs that uses the PowerDVD audio filters for DPL II decoding, and the DirectSound MAudio Delta 410 Multichannel audio renderer?

Would this enable ZoomPlayer to bypass the kmixer, thus permitting bit-perfect DPLII playback?


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