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Know a good micro ATX power supply?

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I just upgraded to a Core 2 Duo and an Asus P5N32-E SLI motherboard. This is to go into my existing Ahanix D5 case, which fits full ATX mobos, but uses an mATX power supply. Needless to say, my existing 200W power supply doesnt even power up the Asus motherboard, and the manual says it needs 500W minimum. There are a couple of power supplies on newegg that are 450W, but the reviews for them suck, and they look like cheap junk. Silverstone has quite a few power supplies, but I can't find the form factor or the wattage. Any suggestions?
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 This one from Enermax is rated at 320W, but it is pretty strong on the 12v rail. You might want to check and see if it would suffice. It should run the MB, CPU, DVD, and a couple of HDDs. The kicker is what graphics card are you planning to use?

The video card is an 8500GT. It's fanless, and has no power connector on it. I ordered the PSU, we'll see how it goes...
Awesome, it powers the motherboard and runs quiet too. Thanks a lot!
Glad it worked for you.

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