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Know of a cheap source for DVD-Audio and SACD?

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Anyone have a good resource for cheap prices on DVD-Audio or SACDs? So far, I have found that CircuitCity.com (I haven't check the stores yet) has some decent prices on DVD-A (average $13.99).

Thanks for any recommendations,

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dvdplanet.com is pretty good for DVD-A selection and pricing, but no SACD.
Believe it or not, Best Buy has most of their SACD's priced at $16.99, I think, which is a very nice price. Lowest you can really find online is around $17.99. I seem to remember a while back that Circuitcity.com had nice prices on the Warner DVD-A's. Don't know if that's still going or not.

DVDEMPIRE.com isn't bad either and has a few coupon codes available, but they don't have the SACD/DVD-A selection of an ElusiveDisc, AMUSICDIRECT, or ACOUSTICSOUNDS. If you're looking for boutique-label stuff (Red Rose, First Impressions Music, etc.), you'll likely need to check the latter sites.
I've bought the bulk of my DVD-A's from Digital Eyes and DVD Empire:



I've also found some harder to find DVD-A's "used" on Amazon's Marketplace by simply searching Amazon's DVD-Audio section.


Just last week I found the Telarc 1812 Overture for $17 shipped and I recently found the Eric Johnson Ah Via Musicom for $18 shipped.

Just did a quick check there now, and somebody is selling the same awesome 1812 Overture for a low LOW $12.99.....sigh. What a great deal!


Snatch it while you can!

You can also search half.com by doing a search for "audio" in the DVD category, although I've yet to find anything I was seeking that way.

Damn...there I go...giving away my secrets.

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Thanks Chris,

Great info/suggestions!

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