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Thought I would start a thread for people to post up known good configurations of hardware/software/drivers in an attempt to help others who are struggling with various configurations. Why? The HTPC threads here appear to have become quite fragmented and if we can limit this thread to ONLY configurations that are known to work and not so much general discussion, it might help to sort the information.

Especially difficult to figure out are different versions of drivers and media playback apps like PDVD, especially when new versions break things in older versions and the information is spread out over 6 different pages in 2 different threads.

I also propose that the following format be used for posting up configurations:

Primary use of this system: ___________

(bluray playback from discs, playback of pre-recorded HD files, DVD playback, etc...)

Hardware list:


Installed drivers and versions:

Installed media playback software and version numbers:

How the HTPC is connected to my receiver, TV, projector...

Any known problems or limitations of this configuration:

Apologies if this isn't appropriate.
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