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I have used the Knox RS8x8 in my home studio.The first one I bought off of Ebay for a great price and found even though the serial number showed it was 18 years old,The switcher worked great.Knox Technical support was absolutly great even though my switcher was old.

Four weeks in the rack,we had a thunderstorm one night so I shut down everything in the rack via 2 Furman power conditioners.

At any rate when I powered the rack backup,the switcher was dead as a door nail.NO POWER surge got to it so me and Knox determined it was the walwart power supply.John Garson at Knox dug around in the junk and found me another power supply which he shipped at no charge.THAT power supply didn't light her up either. I can only guess that a static charge from a close lightning strike got the IC Chips in the switcher.

I have purchased another Knox 8X8 at even a better price then the first.I want to erase all 8 presets in the switcher through my computer using RS232 codes.Knox suggested B one zero then enter and B two zero and enter and so on until all 8 presets are erased.That code does not work.Anyone have any ideas as to which codes to use that will work? The serial no. on this one is 012048 Is there any place on the internet I can get some info on these codes?If not I will have to wait till John gets back in the office next week so we can play with these codes.I am interested ONLY in audio,not video switching.


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