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So I love my Kodak Zi8 for the great video quality but the audio on the Zi8 is not that great, being a musician and wanting to have something that records great audio for live shows I was always wanting the Zoom Q3 because it does KILLER audio,,,,, but the Zoom Q3 crappy 4:3 crappy video.

Then I thought, why not get the Zoom Q3 and run the audio line out from it into my Kodak Zi8,, the results, I now have great HD video with killer sound.

Anyhow, I made a little test video and posted it on YouTube,,,,,,, later this week I will be doing some live shows with my band and give the Zi8 coupled with the Zoom Q3 a real workout and true test.

Here's the YouTube test video, Zi8 with the Zoom Q3


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