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I think I noticed a limitation or a bug with PlexKodiConnect. I had Kodi 18.3 running in Windows 10 with PlexKodiConnect addon installed in Kodi. I was using the latest version of Plex Media Server to this date. This issue is that when I mark a movie in progress as unwatched or watched or reset the resume point inside Kodi, Plex Media Server does not sync the watch status change I did in Kodi. Next time I turn on my PC and run Kodi, those movies once again show up in the Movie in Progress row as if I didn't change the watch status or reset the resume point of those movies. The only way to change the watch status when PKC is installed in Kodi is to go into the Plex Media Server and change it from there or just fast forward to the end of the movie in Kodi if I don't want to do it from the Plex Media Server. It seem like PMS is not seeing the manual watch status changes I do in Kodi. Is this a bug or a limitation of the PKC addon in Kodi?
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