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KP-57HW40 Power on problem

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When I try to turn on my KP-57HW40, The screen comes on for a second or so with snow on the picture and static noise from the speakers and then turns into a magenta color for about 3-4 seconds before it shuts off. From the back of the tv when powered on, the red and blue crt's fire up fine. The green one comes on and then fades off. When the TV shuts of, the diagnostic power light flashes 8 times, which according to the service manual, is the flyback transformer. I have replaced the flyback transformer and the problem is still there. Anyone with experience with this TV have any other ideas what could be wrong?
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Sounds like one or more of the crts is shorting. During startup go to the Screen Controls and try turning the green down a tiny bit at a time until the set stays on. You may have to play with the red & blue too. Now with the set on, take the handle end of a screwdriver and tap on the neck of each tube. They are glass so don't tap too hard! Also watch out for HIGH VOLTAGE in there! If you see bright flashes of color on the screen while tapping then that crt is going, going, gone.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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