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Kris Deering's Review of VP-15S1 up at Secrets

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Anyone know what type of screen Kris uses?
Thank you.

Interesting. Another review comparing the Marantz to the new JVC HD100.

And two different opinions on which one appears more detailed:

Originally Posted by From Kris Deering's Comparison Of Marantz vs JVC /forum/post/0

The Marantz trumped it in terms of detail and color accuracy though.


Originally Posted by Ultimate AV Comparison Marantz vs JVC /forum/post/0

The JVC's strengths are formidable right out of the box,....it's tack-sharp....

In fact, so far the combination of punch in light output and resolving power has me believing the JVC is a bit more detailed than the 15S1.

I'd like very much to view the Marantz, but in all likelihood would see the rainbows. Luckily it sounds like the JVC holds up pretty well.
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Yeah I think that there are so many variables from one review to the other plus the performance of all similar projectors is really close anyway so I can see why there are different views.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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