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Please delete this thread.

-= Fixed problem. Was the cord playing up (it wouldn't go in properly). =-

I bought a Krix Seismix 3, second hand, along with some Krix Phoenix fronts and a Marantz NR1602 receiver.

I cannot get the sub to play with the receiver. The sub is making a humming noise when connected to the amp, but only at a single frequency. And the strangest thing is that when I turn the bass volume on the back of the sub up just one notch from zero, it is extremely/abnormally loud.

I've followed the Krix set-up guide which came with the sub. That is, I have a coaxial cable running from line-in (L/LFE) into the back of the receiver (pre-out SW). I've tried putting the cable into all the other ports in the back of the sub as well. I've fiddled with all the bass-/sub-related controls in the amp, but no luck in getting the sub to run. The speakers work perfectly with the amp, though.

I can't find this problem or solution anywhere on the internet. Does anyone know what this is?

Thank you.
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