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Hi guys, i'm at one step to buy a pair of studio monitors. In my country the prices are a bit high, so i can get this monitors:

A pair of KRK VXT4 plus KRK 10s Subwoofer for u$s 1500

Dynaudio BM5A MKII u$s 2100

Adam A7X u$s 2100

Focal CMS50 u$s 1600

Focal CMS65 u$s 2100

It's for listening music on my desk with my computer. I need a non fatiguing system, i listen music 4 o 5 hours a day, and all kind of music, jazz classical rock pop blues electronic reggae techno

I want an accurate frequency response and high fidelity plus a lot of details, another option is a pair of B&W 685 or 602 S3 used, and a Rotel Amp, at about u$s 1900.

Is worth the difference between de VXT4 + sub with the others options?¿

In this case, which is the best?¿
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