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Kung-fu/HK HDDVDs?

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Are there any HDDVD of kung-fu or other hong kong cinema available?

Most interested in:

* Iron Monkey

* Five Deadly Venoms

* 36th Chamber of Shaolin

* Dirty Ho

* Drunken Master II

* Fists of Fury

* Once Upon a Time in China

* John Woo + Chow Yun Fat in HK

(and yes, I already have _Enter the Dragon_)
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I would really like to get Kung Fu Hustle on HD from overseas if anyone knows if it exists.

Besides Enter the Dragon -- and I guess Kung Fu Hustle, whose availability I wasn't aware of -- the only HK film I know to be on HD DVD is Jet Li's Fearless.

I'm pretty sure that in the US, the Shaw Bros. titles you list are currently in the hands of Weinstein Co.'s Dragon Dynasty, who haven't put out anything on either HD format. (And who seem to have slowed their DVD release schedule alarmingly.)

I'm assuming that Iron Monkey and DM II remain with Miramax, which means that they'll be Blu here, if anything.

I would have expected imports of these to have appeared in one of the HD formats. I remember that when DVD was starting out, the HK distributors were very fast to put out a lot of titles, which surprised me at the time, since VCD was so firmly established and way way cheaper at the time. But I haven't seen anything this time around.

Maybe they were sitting out the format war.

I haven't even seen any insanely expensive Japanese editions.
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