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I just got this 29X5E TV. Looks great - most of the time. The problem is that the geometry is a bit messed up.
I know the images are a bit funny looking, but hade to change them a bit (otherwise, I was visible thru the glass ^^).
As can be seen on the images, the geometry is wierd in the upper right corner and the upper left corner. The convergence isn't perfect, but overall it looks OK. I've tried changing the geometry thru the service menu, but then I ended up with those lines with that image looking OK, but when viewing another image it was obvious that the lines went inwards on the top, and things simply looked wierd. So, I changed back to the previous settings. (I got a picture of all the settings in the service menu, except the TT thing, that I forgot to take pictures of.)

Anyway, since I couldn't change it thru the service menu (if someone got a 29X5, feel free to post the geometry settings from your service menu) I tried using small strips that you're using inside the TV when changing the convergence in the corners. Couldn't get it right that way either. Most of the time I just ended up with wierd convergence.

So, I've thought that maybe this is a result of someone having put a magnet or something near the TV? Maybe it will help to degauss the TV with an external degausser? The last added image is an image efter I changed around with the geometry settings in the Service Menu, and as can be seen, the colors do look a bit funny in some of the corners. But a degasser is kinda expensive. :/

Some other idea of what may be wrong? I'm kinda sure that the TV shouldn't have those geometry issues in the upper corners.


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