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My 'HS510 (mfg'd Nov 2003) reports "File Error" whenever I try to read any files transferred to a 128MB Memory Stick (MagicGate) using Explore on my Windows 98SE computer via USB.

I have created a DCIM folder in the root and a 100MSDCF folder within it, exactly as shown in my owner's guide. I have found that I must rename the files in the 100MSDCF folder to DSC0000n.jpg also as shown in the O. G. or there is no file name displayed in the index.

The O.G. also states that the file must be created by a compatible Sony camera. Can/would anyone tell me how to circumvent Sony's skullduggery?

I apologize if a similar thread has been started elsewhere; I could not find it.

I thank one and all for sharing their hard-won knowledge on this forum.

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