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L/C/R speaker hunt Definitive VS Infinity

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Hi i have recently got a P300HD subwoofer and a pair of Newton Series II S305 surround speaker from Cambridge's outlet clearance, but their MC650HD speaker were all out
after some research on the net i have nail down my choice into:

Infinity TSS-SAT1200 for L/R ($140 each)

CC225 for Center ($270)



Definitive ProMonitor1000 for L/R ($220 each)

Procenter2000 for Center ($350)


The Infinity have a better discount off their MSRP while the Definitive are selling as their MSRP everywhere i looked. Does anyone know which one will give me a better price/performance value? Are there any other options to be consider at this price point?(i don't want tower) I am willing to spend about $800 my room is about 20'x15' all speakers will be power by the Onkyo SR-605 plz help thank you!
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Originally Posted by the rick /forum/post/15401249

are you not using a subwoofer?

I am using Cambridge SoundWork's Newton Series P300HD subwoofer
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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