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L Shaped basement ideas?

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Hey all,

I just bought a house and for now the system is hanging around on the main floor waiting for me to complete my basement.

I've got an L shaped basement which of course creates some challenges. I'm wondering if anybody has created their theatre rooms with the same issues.

I'd love to see some pictures in which someone had to work around a major corner (with a washer and dryer thrown into the mix).

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Post a floor plan and a few pics if you can. That'll get everyone's juices flowing.
Fair enough.

This is a floor plan I threw together with the homestyler.com website.

It's my first attempt at a layout, so bear that in mind.
resource_export_1339655681808.jpg 221k .jpg file


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I'll insert the floor plan inline with the thread for you.
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PeteW, thanks for dropping that in there.

The dimensions are accurate but homestyler appears to have warped my image.

Looking for some creative ways to make walls and find something cool to do with the room area near the entrance of the stairs.
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