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Changing my mind about going sealed, AGAIN, with the Epik drivers i bought. The idea of an L-Shaped ported sub has got me interested.


I put in information about my drivers and it came up with this (see attached)

L-SlotVentBassReflexEnclosureCalculator_DBDYNAMIXAU.pdf 501k .pdf file

i tried to model it in WinISD and was not sure if it matched up. I'm constrained by space and need to keep it to 24 x 18 x 20 for each box (need to build 2).

What do you think?

The T/S of the drivers is:

Znom 8 ohms

Re 5.7 ohms

Sd 805 cm^2

Pmax 400 W

Mms 200 g

Cms 250 uM/N

Vas 231 L

Fs 22.5 Hz

BL 23

Qms 4.1066

Qes 0.3061

Qts 0.2848

Le 3.15 mH

Spl 91.192 1W/1M

Xmax 13




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Was going to use for ht. I'm thinking this won't work very well with my size constraints. I can't afford to buy more subs right now. Wife is not happy about what I bought already. I looked at just going ported but that's 6 cuft before the port volume so that's out. Am now just trying to figure out if I do one dual opposed or two singles in a sealed alignment. Singles would be about 6 ft apart at the front of the room. So I've read that when they are that close they are considered collocated and would better help with room modes compared to the one dual box. The room opens up to my basement and is kinda like a 14' wide bandshell.
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