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L300U heat issues

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Hey guys:

I'm looking to get an LCD PJ, having discovered that I am quite sensitive to DLP rainbows. The PT-L300U looks like it would be a fine choice, except I noticed in the review at projectorcentral that the unit requires 18" of space behind it. Has anyone used one of these with less space (8-12")? My room has a shelf running along one side that I was planning to set the projector on, but I would have at most 12" behind it.

Thanks for any help -
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This is already being discussed in another thread:


You'll be fine with 12" rear clearance. That's about what mine's at. That must be one deep shelf though!

Mine is mounted to the bottom of a shelf with the back about 8" from the wall that the shelf is mounted on. I was going to cut a whole in the shelf to allow the heat to dissapate up, but haven't cause the fan has never sped up and the air out the back is not really hot. This is a temporary set up but has worked fine.

I think your set up would work fine.

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