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L300U vs. HT10 with HTPC

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I have a Sony LCD XGA data projector driven by an HTPC using Zoom, Sonic filters and Ffdshow. The picture quality is generally excellent and in particular very sharp.

I want to upgrade the projector and am favouring a Panasonic L300U. I have seen the L300U and the HS10 side by side driven by a progressive scan DVD player, both impressive but the picture is no where near as sharp as my Sony XGA with the HTPC.

My question is, as 1:1 pixel mapping is not possible on the L300U will P.Q. be compromised in comparison to the HS10, using a HTPC? I’ve read all the threads comparing these two projectors but this particular aspect does not seem to be covered.

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I own the L300U and am very happy with it. I have not had a chance to see the HS10, but from all that I've read, it depends on your intended application.

If you're going to use the HTPC desktop more than occasionally, then don't even consider the L300U. The HS10 will blow it away for that application; because of (1) it's higher res panels, and (2) 1:1 mapping.

However, for DVD viewing and some HDTV (my situation), those things don't matter much. I feel very happy about my purchase, and think that the L300U is a winner (and a bargain), and will most likely leave you satisfied, as I am. Hope that helps.

- Rob
I understand you cannot get true 1.1 pixel mapping with the Panny and you can with the Sony, but at the expense of stuttering because of the low refresh rate the Sony requires you to use (56 Hz. I think). So the big question is: Which of the two evils is more acceptable, no true 1.1 mapping with the Panny or the Stuttering issue with the Sony? I definitely want to use the HTPC @ 1.1 (if possible) but don't want to deal with desktop ugliness or even infrequent stuttering. All this information here and I still can't decide which projector is best? Panny - Sony, Sony - Panny, Panny - Sony.........Damn these decisions! Someone help me...
Cliff - I don't see your problem. You can get the HS10, and do 1:1 for desktop viewing (stuttering is only a problem with NTSC which is 60 frames / second). For DVD viewing, make sure you sync to 60 Hz refresh.

If 1:1 Desktop viewing is not important to you, there are other advantages of the L300U that are well documented elsewhere. However, you stated crisp desktop viewing as being important to you.

So pull the trigger on an HS10 already and start having fun right now! ;)

- Rob

Thanks for your input, but I've read that the Sony will not accept a 60 Hz. refresh rate with 1.1 mapping, only 56 Hz. causing some stuttering when watching NTSC DVD's. I want a good desk top and no stuttering when watching DVD's. I want it all darn it and for less than $2500 if possible!

I understand. Perhaps I wasn't clear.

You can use the 1:1 mode (at 56 Hz) for Desktop viewing. When you want to watch a DVD, switch to a different mode; not 1:1, but 60Hz refresh for DVD viewing.

That way, you can have the best of both worlds. AFAIK, the 56Hz constraint only applies when you map 1:1. Otherwise, you can use 60Hz.

Now, if you absolutely require 1:1 and 60Hz at the same time (I can't imagine why), then yes, you will need to look elsewhere. But I see no reason to pick that nit.


- Rob
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I don't understand the obsession over 1:1 for the windows desktop and apps. I've got the Panasonic, and even without the vaunted 1:1, 1280 x 768 at 60 Hz over DVI looks pretty darn good for anything I want to do, desktop, DVD, Holo3dgraph, etc.

Have you checked it out?
Thanks for the replies guys.

I'm not at all looking for a crisp desktop, I'm only concerned with DVD playback. From my own experience with my previous projector, 1:1 mapping gives a very sharp picture, at least I put it down to 1:1 mapping. Are you saying it's not strictly necessary for DVD playback?

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