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Hi. I own a Samsung LA32R71BD LCD with integrated HD tuner. I have poured through the menu's and the instruction manual, but could never find a way to actually turn off the analogue tuner. By this I mean, there aren't individual buttons to jump straight to either Analogue or Digital TV signal, just a single button that toggles between the two. Its incredibly frustrating as pressing it will by default cause it to switch to the analogue signal, to which I will get static as I have not tuned it for analogue use.

All I want to do is basically turn off this signal, or disable the TV from going to it as I only use HDTV and its a pain in the ass having a useless channel to get in the way when im trying to switch between TV signal and whatever im watching through the component cables.

Especially with the signal being turned off here in the next few years, you would wonder why they couldn't just let you get rid of it rather than have it just stuck there getting in the way??

Any help appreciated

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